Taurus PT-24/7 Spring-Loaded Pistol Review

Taurus PT-24/7 Spring-Loaded Pistol Review

Taurus is back. This time, they’ve got their sights set on a share of the market Crosman is currently dominating with the Stinger P311. Taurus would have you believe that the PT24/7 spring-powered pistol is the superior product. But are they right?

Certainly, it’s a strong offering with very similar specifications to the Stinger. They’ve both got great FPS, they’re both a good size with quality build, and they’ll both hit a target with accuracy. So is it worth a little extra money to get the PT24/7?

Read on to find out.

First Impressions

If you’re familiar with handguns at all (not just the airsoft variety), the first thing you’ll notice is that the airsoft version of the PT24/7 looks very similar to its bullet-shooting counterpart. It just looks cool.

Then, once you pick it up, you’ll notice that it feels eerily similar to a real gun. It’s heavy in all the right places, the plastic is solid, and the grip is ergonomic and very comfortable. If it weren’t for the orange at the end of the barrel, you could certainly fool some people with this gun (don’t get any ideas).

Eject the magazine and you’ll notice how much it actually adds to the weight of the gun; it’s probably a good third of the overall weight. The magazine itself has the same premium feel like the gun, which is an area that some airsoft guns fall short of.

The magazine also has a fantastic capacity for a pistol at up to twenty-five 6mm BBs. A speed-loader is nearly a necessity for reloading the magazine, but they’re pretty cheap and easy to come by.


I’ll just say it now: the Taurus PT24/7 is a great pistol. It’s got terrific velocity at 315 FPS. Keep in mind, this is with a .12g BB, so anything heavier will likely drop its speed and range a bit. It’s also slightly lower than the Crosman Stinger, which has a velocity of up to 325 FPS. Still, that’s a fast speed, especially for a spring-powered pistol.

One very cool feature on the PT24/7 is the auto-locking slide. When the magazine is empty, the cocking mechanism will actually lock into its pulled position. Then, you simply eject the magazine, reload it, and reinsert it to get back to shooting. It’s a feature that really adds to the realism of the gun as a whole.

Taurus PT-247-2

Accuracy on this gun as very, very good, and there are rails under the barrel for mounting a laser for even better aiming– and that’s something the Stinger can’t touch. The hop-up on the PT24/7 works pretty well, but as always, whether or not you like it is usually a matter of opinion. But the option is there.

The last thing I’ll touch on is the durability of this gun. It’s extremely durable and was designed to last. That’s saying something because there’s a ton of top airsoft pistols out there that are only designed to get you through a game or two, or even just some target practice. If you invest in the PT24/7, it’s going to last you a good, long time.


If you’ve been wondering whether or not to spend the extra money on the Taurus PT24/7, I can tell you that it would be well worth it.

Its build quality alone will justify the money–this thing can take a pounding. It also handles more like a real gun, and that premium feel is definitely an advantage. Add in the rails for mounting accessories, and you’ve got yourself a slam-dunk. Just make sure to get the speed-loader.