Taurus Millenium PT 111 Review

Taurus Millenium PT 111 Review

Taurus has made a real name for itself in the world of handgun manufacturing. It’s only natural that eventually, they’d make their way into the realm of airsoft pistols, and the Millennium PT-111 Pistol is a strong offering.

Of course, it doesn’t hurt that this is one extremely affordable airsoft pistol, which is one great reason the Taurus Millennium PT-111 is well worth your time.

First Impressions

When a big-name weapons manufacturer like Taurus makes an airsoft gun, it’s usually based on a real-life counterpart. With the spring-powered PT-111, the design comes directly from the 9mm Millennium G2 sub-compact. The G2 is a  sweet-looking pistol, and apart from the orange barrel extension, the airsoft version appears strikingly similar.

The pistol itself feels sturdy, despite being made entirely from plastic. For a gun that’s easy to find for less than ten bucks, it’s extremely well-made. Another high point of the PT-111 is the grip, which, being modeled after a real weapon, fits the hand really well. For a gun this, well, cheap, it looks and feels much more expensive.


The Millennium PT-111 boasts a BAXS shooting system, which is basically a fancy way of saying it has an adjustable hop-up. In the real world, this means you’ll get better accuracy and great distance. At least, in theory. Hop-up can be hit-and-miss (literally), so deciding whether it works for you will take some time. But it’s a good feature to have.

The Millennium PT-111 performs surprisingly well for a pistol in this class. The manufacturer claims it has a shooting velocity of 180 FPS, and it does live up to that pretty well. It’s also surprisingly accurate. The sights are adjustable, and aligning them correctly means you’ll get fantastic consistent accuracy.

In the field, however, you might run into a couple of small issues. It does become quickly apparent that this gun can be a little tricky to cock with one hand. You’ll get used to it eventually, but pulling back the mechanism is just a tiny bit harder than it probably should be. Still, that mechanism does feel smooth and consistent.

The magazine itself is great. It holds up to 15 BBs in the clip, slides smoothly in and out of the slot, and feels just as sturdy as the gun itself. However, you likely won’t be finding any spare magazines, so reloading on the fly is probably not a viable option.

When it comes down to it, you’ll find that the PT-111 performs admirably, and probably better than you’d expect. The FPS isn’t as good as something like the Crosman Stinger, but it’s also half the price, so you can’t really go wrong here.


Make no mistake: this is an entry-level gun. It may not please many of the veteran players, but as a first foray into airsoft, this little pistol is hard to beat.

For some, it’s easy to agonize over the purchase of an airsoft gun. You read reviews, compare to other models, and generally wonder if it’ll be a worthwhile investment. With the Taurus Millennium PT-111, you’re getting a quality product at a ridiculously low price. Despite its few shortcomings, it’s definitely worth your money.