Marines Airsoft SR01 Spring Powered Rifle Review

Marines Airsoft SR01 Spring Powered Rifle Review

Generally speaking, people who play airsoft recreationally want to accomplish one thing: domination. Sure, there’s some skill involved, but a good part of being the best is all up to the gun you use. You need something powerful, yet affordable. You need something versatile, but that doesn’t cut any corners.

Enter the Marines Airsoft SR01 spring-powered rifle, made by Crosman. This rifle is one of the most feature-rich in its class, including foldable stock, accessory rails on both the top and bottom and an impressively high level of accuracy.

First Impressions

When you first hold the Marines SR01 in your hand, the first thing you’ll notice is the premium feel. It’s not too heavy, so it’ll be great for carrying on a strap if you don’t plan on using it as your primary weapon. And since the rifle is made by Crosman, you can put your mind at ease about quality. Crosman knows what they’re doing, and the Marines SR01 looks and feels very well-built.

“The Marines” logo is stenciled just above the clip on both sides of the gun and, along with the light gray and black colors, it gives the gun a very cool look.

The SR01 also features some really nice flip-up sights. They are not flimsy, and the rear sight has an adjustment wheel for even greater accuracy.

The magazine included with the gun is great, but it does feel a little loose once it’s locked in place. Even so, it does seem to be secure. The magazine itself holds up to 18 in the clip–but up to 350 in the built-in reservoir. That’s a fantastic capacity, and it means you’ll be much less likely to run out mid-game. That’s important because it’s very hard to find any additional magazines for this gun. You likely won’t be doing any on-the-go swapping.

The orange block at the end is of the barrel is a little large, but that’s probably because this looks too much like a real gun. That’s not a bad thing.


Perhaps the greatest strength of the Marines SR01 is its accuracy–it’s through the roof. On multiple tests using the adjustable sights, the gun consistently hit even small targets without fail. Accuracy does tend to dip after 75 feet or so, but still, it’s better than most other guns in this class, especially at this price point. It would even be possible to use the SR01 for sniping, as long as you adjust the sights accordingly.

The Marines SR01 boasts an FPS of up to 325–this thing will sting. That’s with a lighter BB, though. For best accuracy, definitely use a heavier weight. For even better accuracy, attach a red-dot sight and turn the hop-up way down. You’ll be unstoppable.

Being a spring-powered rifle, it’s important that the cocking mechanism be fluid and unlikely to break, especially since you’ll be cocking it after every shot (it’s not automatic). Fortunately, the is precisely the case with the SR01. Still, it would be nice if the cocking lever was on the side, as it’s a little awkward on the top. But it’s certainly not a deal-breaker. This is still one of the best airsoft rifles for the money.


All in all, the Marines SR01 by Crosman is an extremely versatile rifle. Since the stock is foldable, you can use it at either long-distance or in close-quarters combat. The fact that you can add just about any attachment means that you can pretty much customize it however you want.

The bottom line is this: if you’re new to airsoft, this could be the rifle that makes you fall in love with the game. If you’re an old pro… well, the SR01 is good enough that it could end up being your new primary.


Velocity: Up to 325 fps | Weight: 2 lbs | Length: 28.00 | Mechanism: Repeater | Power Source: Spring | Caliber: 6mm | Capacity: 350 | Front Sight: Flip-up post | Rear Sight: Flip-up peep | Safety: Lever