Double Eagle M85P AEG Rifle Review

Double Eagle M85P AEG Rifle Review

If you want a good airsoft rifle at a good price, Double Eagle is usually pretty hard to beat. Now, they’re back on the scene with the M85P, an entry-level, fully automatic air rifle. It’s a full-sized replica of the actual bullet-shooting M85, and apart from the orange tip on the barrel, it’s very realistic.

But in the all-important area of performance, how does the M85P stack up against the competition? Let’s find out.

Here’s my Double Eagle M85P AEG Review.

First Impressions

The M85P is an impressive gun as far as appearance goes. Since it’s a full-scale replica, you definitely get the feel of a real gun. There are no metal parts, however–this rifle is constructed entirely out of durable ABS plastic. But then, that’s to be expected of a gun in this price range. Again, this is an entry-level gun, and an upgrade to a metal-frame gun would cost quite a bit more.

Because of that plastic build, it’s lighter than you might think, but this isn’t a bad thing. A heavier gun is heavier to carry, obviously, so the M85P is easy to sling over your shoulder for those longer games.

Along with the rifle, Double Eagle also includes a magazine that holds up to 50 rounds, the battery and charger, sling, mock silencer, a vertical grip, an electric red-dot scope, and a flashlight. There are rails for mounting the accessories on both the top and bottom of the gun, and all of the included extras feel solid and well-made.

You can actually get some use out of what they include here, which is more than can be said of other best electric airsoft guns.


For an entry-level machine gun, the Double Eagle M85P performs extremely well and has few issues with jamming–if you use the right BBs. But, as always with guns in this price range, it’s important to remember that it does have a few shortcomings.

The gun itself is very powerful and pretty darn accurate, at least when you use a heavier pellet. Anything lighter than a .20g is going to go a little wild, so it’s best to use at least that weight. Of course, if you use the hop-up to its full potential, you could get quite a bit more range, but your accuracy will suffer. With the heavier BB, you’ll get nearly 80 yards of accurate distance.

If you hit someone from that distance, they’ll know they’ve been hit, but that’s about it. The M85P is electric and produces a muzzle velocity of around 250 FPS, so you won’t run the risk of breaking their skin. With the heavier BB, you’ll probably be looking at an FPS of around 200.

Switching between semi-auto and full-auto is accomplished with–you guessed it–a little switch on the side of the gun. Rounds per minute is fantastic at 500 for full-auto, which means you’ll be dishing out the pain in record time. Make sure to stock up on magazines!

The battery has a good long life at about four hours with average use. Make sure not to overcharge it, as you’ll run the risk of shortening the battery life significantly.

The only real issue with the M85P is that it has a plastic gearbox, which is kind of a bummer. This means that BBs that aren’t 100% polished will be very likely to jam. Performance does suffer a bit, as well, so Double Eagle has classified the M85P as a “low-powered electric rifle,” making it great for beginners . . . but not really anyone else.


Ultimately, if you understand the M85P’s shortcomings, you can appreciate it for what it is: a perfect rifle for a first foray into the world of automatic airguns.

If you’ve already got some experience, it would probably be worth an upgrade to a model with a metal frame, and one with a better FPS. But what the Double Eagle M85P does, it does well, and for that price, it can’t be beaten.