Crosman Stinger P311 Review

Crosman Stinger P311 Review

If you’re reading this Crosman Stinger P311 review, you’re likely in one of two camps: either you’re new to airsoft and are looking for a quality, entry-level gun–or you’re a veteran looking to add to your armory. The good news is that with the Stinger P311 repeater, Crosman has managed to please people of all skill levels. The P311 is a quality offering at a steal of a price.

First Impressions

Once you get it out of the extremely well-packaged (read: difficult to open) box, it becomes quickly apparent that the Stinger P311 is built to impress. Crosman clearly drew upon military pistol designs for inspiration, and at barely half a pound in weight nine inches in length, the P311 looks appropriately well-made.

The Stinger P311 is available in both black and clear. I ordered the clear, but if I were to order again – I’d definitely recommend the black version–it looks way cooler.

In your hand, the pistol feels surprisingly weighty and well-balanced, despite being made entirely of plastic. The gun just gives off a premium vibe, far beyond what its low price-point might imply. The sights are a simply fixed notch-and-blade, which is typical of a consumer-grade pistol like this one. If you get the clear version of the pistol, the sights can be a little hard to see, but painting them black resolves that issue.

The only real downside of this pistol seems to be the magazine, which feels cheaply made in comparison to the rest of the unit. It’s simple enough to load; just pull down the spring and start loading. There’s a spring release on the opposite side of the magazine, which is great, but it’s a little too easy to bump accidentally while you’re loading it. If you do, the BBs launch everywhere, and since the magazine itself holds up to twelve 6mm BBs, you’ll be picking them up for the next hour or so. It’s a minor issue but can turn into a bit of a headache.


The Stinger P311 is a hand-pump action pistol, so of course, you’ll need to cock it after every shot. Fortunately, the cocking process is smooth and strangely satisfying–it doesn’t feel like the mechanism will be breaking anytime soon.

Even though the P311 is spring-powered, it boasts an impressive 325 FPS firing velocity. Of course, in terms of speed and range, you’ll get your best results with a lighter BB, like a .12g. Although, no matter what weight you use, if you get hit by this pistol, you’re going to feel it. Trust me.

Accuracy on this gun is fantastic, especially with a heavier BB, and this is most definitely true for a pistol in this price range.

The only real issue you could run into in the field is when changing the magazine. Every time you switch magazines on this gun, you’ll run the risk of BBs simply falling out of the slot. It can be a little frustrating, but it’s liveable. Just remember that with this gun, slow is smooth, and smooth is fast.


It’s no secret that Crosman is one of the biggest names in airgun manufacturing. They have a stellar track record for making quality products, and the Stinger P311 is no different. You can find Crosman products at a huge variety of stores, both retail and online, and spare magazines are equally easy to find, so there’s really no reason not to pick one up.

If you’re an airsoft newbie looking for a great starter pistol, the P311 is one of the best options currently available. If you’ve been doing airsoft for a while and think you’ve seen it all, give the P311 a try. You just might be surprised.


(From the manufacturer)
Velocity: Up to 325 fps | Weight: .50 lbs | Length: 9 in | Mechanism: Repeater | Power Source: Spring | Caliber: 6mm Plastic BBs | Capacity: 12 | Front Sight: Fixed Blade | Rear Sight: Fixed Notch | Safety: Lever | Material: Synthetic