Best Airsoft Shotgun

There are tons of airsoft guns available. Some people prefer pistols or rifles, but for others – they prefer shotguns. But choosing the best airsoft shotgun can be difficult. Most of us are stuck reading poor-quality reviews on Amazon and hoping the one they choose works out for them.

As a first-time airsofter, you may be a little overwhelmed with which one to choose. That’s where Dead Center Airsoft comes in. We’re reviewing the top airsoft shotguns in 2016 based on all the criteria you would expect. FPS, weight, attachments, bb capacity, etc.

To me personally, a shotgun should have the ability to shoot more than one bb at a time. There should also be some kind of pumping action. Or,if it doesn’t, it should at least be semi-automatic. There aren’t any battery-powered or electric airsoft guns on the market, so that should make your decision a little easier.

Types of Shotguns

Single Shot Spring Air Shotguns

Advantages: These shotguns issue one bb per pump – much like a spring air pistol or rifle. The benefit of these shotguns is that they are usually higher powered and can shoot up to 100-120ft accurately.

Disadvantages: There is really no advantage to owning these over an airsoft sniper rifle, or even an AEG. You are only putting down 1 round per pump, so you are at a greater disadvantage than others in intense CQB battles.

The prices of single-shot airsoft shotguns vary depending on the quality. They can be between $180 – $250 for a full metal replica.

Tri Shot Airsoft Shotguns (review UTG multishot m4/90)

This is the most common type of airsoft shotgun.

Outdoor Shotgun Skirmishes

In outdoor play, shotguns are not the idea. You have to be considerably closer to your target than normal, and can really only count on 1 bb hitting your target anyway. If you have a tri-shot airsoft shotgun, aiming in their general direction is usually good enough.

On the positive side, it does make your enemy think they are being shot at by several people. If you’re trying to suppress someone firing at you, shotguns are great. Just aim in their general direction, shoot, and you’ll likely hit their cover causing them to suppress.

In CQB play, shotguns are definitely worth it. People love playing on teams when someone is carrying a shotgun. It forces you to consider your tactics much more than a semi-automatic AEG’s, for instance.

Airsoft Shotgun Advantages

There are a lot of general advantages to using a shotgun in a close-quarters combat-style play. Shotguns don’t require gas or batteries. You don’t need to worry about the added expense of refilling cartridges or worrying about your battery dying mid-combat.

Plus, the feeling of hitting someone 3 times in one shot is one of the most satisfying things in the world. Carry a pistol as a sidearm, and you can be a monstrous force on the field.

Airsoft Shotgun Disadvantages

You can’t rely on speed since most are pump action, which is why you must be tactical. Plan on being a smart player instead of a run-and-gun player.

Most shotguns don’t have a scope, so they are recommended primarily for indoor play.

However, with a little practice, you will quickly learn why people love using a shotgun.