In this article, we will once again enter foreign territory and talk about sniper paintball markers. Many at the moment should be surprised, because sniping and paintball are essentially incompatible. In terms of sniping, shooting should be carried out from a distance inaccessible to the enemy. But due to the limitations of paintball rules, the speed, and hence the range, is approximately the same for any type of weapon. Let’s try to consider this from the other side.

Boxed variants of sniper markers exist, but you should not expect clear advantages from them. The accuracy of the shot will be influenced not only by the price of the weapon, but also by the unsuccessful form for ballistics of ammunition with a “liquid” filling. In general, in any case, there will be no accuracy.

It remains to use such fashionable rifles exclusively for new beautiful photographs, or still try to understand the differences between the local sniper business and the generally recognized one. Indeed, even with equal types of weapons, some players shoot more accurately than others, so it is worth paying more attention to training, and studying exactly your permanent weapon. Some “masters” have been playing with only one weapon for several years in order to understand every shot of it perfectly. It is not the marker that makes a person a sniper, but regular training.

It is clear that the market in this environment does not stand still, and many manufacturers are trying to create their accessories that surpass all competitors in terms of combat performance. The main areas of activity here are work on markers and balls.

Markers make accurate calibrations, raise overall barrel quality, reduce recoil, spin the ball to increase range at the expense of speed and accuracy. The balls are made harder, without seams, with an attempt to maintain a symmetrical shape, or even replacing the shape of the ball in the likeness of live cartridges.


Let’s list the basic requirements for markers from the perspective of a paintball sniper.

Reliability. As mentioned above, the best way to learn how to shoot paintball is to use only one weapon on a permanent basis. Choose a marker that is strong and reliable so that it can last as long as possible. In addition, the most entourage snipers prefer to crawl on grass, mud and other “G”, so it is advisable to have fewer protruding and fragile elements on the weapon, as well as holes where this “G” can be hammered.

Weight. The original large mass of weapons is pleasant only in the first training sessions. For a quiet case, fast movement, as well as long lying in ambush, it is better to choose an easier marker.

Shot sound. And although ideally there should be no sound at all, it is better that it be as quiet as possible. This is achieved here by installing a special barrel with ventilation slots that dampen the sound (everything is on the stream). But this is not the main thing. Care must be taken to ensure that the sound of the shot does not differ from the sound of the teammates. After all, experienced players are able to calculate a specific opponent even by sound.

Multifunctionality. The weapon should be easily amenable to the basic upgrade – from the attachment of pouches to the installation of scopes.

Disguise. Usually, the correct disguise is done by hand, but in the basic version, you still need to take a dark weapon. A sniper with a chrome or red marker on the battlefield will look at least comical.

Accuracy. As already said, this is a very abstract thing for paintball. But still, the cheapest options do not have one at all. In addition, do not forget about setting an important attribute of a sniper – a sight.

Range. With this, again, everything is about the same here. The range is influenced by the mass of the ball and the initial velocity of the shot. The ball is taken heavier from the industrial, the speed is raised to the maximum permissible by the rules, and that’s all – the threshold has been reached. And again, the cheapest markers will lose here as well, the initial speed may simply not be enough. From technical refinements, elongated barrels are used, as well as barrels with a bend.


And at the end of the topic, we give a couple of completely different options for the proposed sniper markers for paintball.

RAP4 T68

The rifle is a copy of the M4. But more on this its obvious advantages end. The most common tactical marker, according to the owners, is “for show-off.”


And this CCMSR-1 sniper rifle is from a different class. Has a bolt shutter, cartridge-cartridge system for feeding balls, can use FirstStrike balls. Due to the supply of balls through the chamber from a cartridge case with compressed air or carbon dioxide, the use of a feeder and a cylinder is no longer necessary.

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