Best Airsoft Gear

A game of airsoft is one of the most fun ways to spend your Saturday afternoon. Get a few buddies together, stock up on ammo, grab your gun – and you’re good to go! It’s a relatively inexpensive hobby as well, as it only requires only a gun and some plastic bb’s. But, as with all hobbies, accessories can greatly enhance the experience. At DeadCenterAirsoft, we’ve compiled some of the best airsoft accessories and best airsoft gear on the market for you.

Some of the items below are purely cosmetic, but others are recommended. WE’ve gone into much more detail within each subheading, so make sure and drill into each before making your final decision.

Airsoft Safety


  • 1 Airsoft Safety
    • 1.1 Facemask
    • 1.2 Safety Glasses
    • 1.3 Protective Pads
  • 2 Best Cosmetic Airsoft Gear
    • 2.1 Gun Warps
    • 2.2 Ghillie Suits
  • 3 Best Airsoft Clothing
    • 3.1 Boots
    • 3.2 Pants

Safety should be your #1 priority when playing airsoft. Not only are certain safety precautions required in all regulated indoor and outdoor airsoft fields, but it makes for a better experience overall.

There’s a reason these rules are in place. Airsoft guns are safe as long as you abide by the proper rules. For instance, protective eyewear is mandatory. A game of airsoft is not worth losing an eye over.

To help you choose, here are some of the best airsoft accessories.


When you play airsoft, you need face protection. Some of these facemasks cost quite a bit of money, so it’s highly recommended you do some reason into the pro’s/ cons of a quality mask before pulling the trigger.

When looking for the best airsoft facemask, try not to buy from big retailers! You can find much better options online from places like Amazon, and save yourself quite a bit of money in the process. The quality is the exact same since it’s coming from the same Chinese manufacturers.

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